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Heidi’s Profile

Education, experience, current involvement

I have been teaching for more than 20 years, having started when I was still a young student myself. My passion for teaching grew parallel to my passion for performing. I have been teaching in Frankfurt for 4 years and have had my own Private Studio in Bockenheim for 3 years. Now it is expanding into a multi-disciplined network with numerous coaches. Please feel free to check it out!

For 25 years, I have trained and worked alongside my mother in transformational group work ( Topics include: meditation, conscious relationship, self-awareness, and more.

I have created a series of workshops to assist people to become more Self-aware in Voice and Presence.

Early day influences...

At a young age I started as a dancer; I studied ballet, jazz, ballroom, latin and African dance. In my college years I studied literature and theatre. I acted, directed and wrote plays. Finally I was led to my studies in music and completed my Master degree in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia. I now work with many actors, dancers, and singers of every genre: pop, rock, classical, Broadway, folk, etc as well as assist people in large companies find a more effective way to use their voices when giving presentations.

My expertise is in vocal technique, drama, and performance practice as well as psychology and spirituality. Many of my students are embarking on, or have gone on to amateur and professional careers in opera, musical theatre, singing/songwriting, and rock bands.

Check out Moritz as the Little Prince! (link will be added soon)

I also work as a councillor and coach to advanced students who wish to find more freedom in their abilities, physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically.

I am currently conducting private lessons, Masterclasses on performance, adjudicating festivals and offering various workshops in Canada and Germany in person and via Skype (click to call me!).

Mission statement

People come to me to strengthen their technique, find more freedom and more 'fun' in their singing, and/or to build the musical/vocal foundation needed for a career, a choir, or for their living room. I help my students not only learn the tools for singing, but discover themselves through their singing, building confidence and a greater understanding of how to continue a healthy exploration of sound on their own. It is important for students to build their own authority and creativity as artists so as not to be dependant on any one teacher. I hope to assist this process for new singers and experienced singers who want to find more freedom in themselves, and their singing.

For those in the workplace, the way you use your voice influences how people receive you and the information you are trying to get across. Whether in presentations, meetings, or in interactions with colleagues in the hallway, we can make your presence more effective, the information clearer, and help you develop prosperous relationships.

Performing career

My singing career has included great opportunities such as:

  • performing a large variety of genres, including classical, opera, musical theatre and improvisation.
  • receiving prestigious awards such as the Regional Metropolitan Opera Finals, The Johann Strauss Foundation Scholarship, Rozsa Bursary and Canada Council Career Development Grants
  • studying in Canada, United States, Germany, Austria and Italy

I am currently singing professionally and expanding my international career. I have spent that last few years traveling and auditioning in Europe and the United States. In Canada I have been singing in opera and concert with numerous Symphony Orchestras with works such as the Verdi Requiem and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as well as premiering new Canadian compositions. Previously, I collaborated for 4 years with Pianist Karen Lee-Morlang and the Song Circle where we brought a fusion of opera, art song, and musical theatre to regular audiences in Vancouver, Canada. I continue to have the joy of working with many talented pianists and artists on numerous concerts and recitals.

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