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Please visit the Life-Sound Studio for dates, times and prices of our NEXT WORKSHOPS, or email  Most workshops are held in the Bockenheim Studio.

All workshops are also available on request. We will come to you, your church, community center, or work place.

Min-Max Participants: 4-10 people

Our workshops are held in an intimate space where you will feel relaxed, like in your own living room. We want to nurture a safe space for people to be vulnerable and open themselves up to new learning. Classes are all coached by dynamic, professional coaches who want to help you find fun and authenticity to your art.


Workshop "The Voice"

Heidi Muendel, MMus

The Voice is our individually unique instrument for communication. Communication leads to relationship. The quality of our relationships affects every aspect of our lives.

If you knew you could use your Voice and your Presence in a way that could benefit your relationships in the work place but also in your private life... would you learn how?

In our Voice workshop you will learn about connecting with your breath, and your mind, in ways that will make communication with colleagues, presentations, and even your personal relationship more effective. You will look at whether you use your voice as a mask rather than as a tool for honest and efficient communication.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to become more conscious about how they use their voice.

About Heidi: People have been coming to me to work on their voices for over 20 years. Not only for singing, but also for learning correct usage in acting and office presentation. I focus on the health and support of the voice in my private classes. In these workshops we go a step further and connect with a deeper understanding or ourselves, and help the voice line up with our true intentions.

Workshop "Authentic Presence in the Workplace"

Veronica Göksen, M.A. and Heidi Muendel, MMus

What: Corporate level Self-development Workshops.

A one day workshop where we:

  • discover how we influence one another on a vibrational level
  • learn about the effects, and influence, of the voice in presentation and communication
  • train new practices with breath and voice
  • practice our new knowledge

Who is it offered to:
Private clients and Corporate Firms, great for Team Building!!

What is unique about the workshop:
Most Corporate courses are reaching only at the mental level. We take you into EXPERIENCE. Once you have experienced a new, and healthier way to be in your body, in your life, it will be harder to go back to old habits.

More workshsops by Heidi available on request:

If you wish to request a workshop or invite me to conduct a workshop or Masterclass for your students please feel free to contact me.

1 Body and Breath

In this workshop we will warm up our bodies with physical exercises and breath work and then vocal play.

2 Presence

In this workshop we will discuss the principles of 'presence'. What is this 'IT' factor some people seem to have. Can it be learned? Exercises and play will help us discover our own 'presence'.

3 Vocal Health

We will discuss vocal health, learn exercises to build healthy vocal habits, correct muscle memory, relieve tension, and work with breath and body.

4 Soulful Singing

A Masterclass focused on how to tap into your feelings and experiences in order to communicate with, and inspire your audience or as a personal catharsis.

5 Understanding Sound – Vibration through Movement, Meditation, Sound

An in-depth experience for those wishing to understand more about our relationship to sound, stillness, and subtler levels of vibration in your body.


Guest Workshops

Songwriting Workshop

Es gibt 1000 Wege nach Rom zu kommen. Prince schrieb jeden Tag einen Song, andere haben eher Phasen, in denen sie ein ganzes Album schreiben und danach wieder 1 1/2 Jahre pausieren... Ist kopieren erlaubt? Ab wann ist mein Song fertig? Wie kompliziert muss ein Song sein? Wie schaffe ich es, jeden Tag einen Song zu schreiben?

Auf diese Fragen und mehr werde ich eingehen. Mit kleinen Übungen und Hilfen können wir bereits vorhandene Songs von euch weiter entwickeln oder neu schreiben.

Seid willkommen!

Jazz, Blues and Soul Class

Luis Armstrong hat mit 10 Jahren in den Puffs von New Orleans gespielt und gesungen um Geld für seine Familie zu verdienen. Die Mutter alleinerziehend, zwei Kinder und hilflos...

Wie entsteht der "Blues" in der Stimme? Muss man vorher leiden oder geht Joe Cocker auch ohne viel Alkohol? ;-)

Ein Ausflug in die Welt der Transkriptionen und den Rhythmus, die aus Sängern/innen "Souler" macht.


Crizz Noack (Leipzig)

All Star at and Vocal Coach at Neue Musik Leipzig

Crizz Noack, 6.9.84 in Leipzig geboren, sein Name wird in Verbindung gebracht mit Charlie Ann (Gewinnerin 2014 The Voice of Germany), Zoé (Halbfinalistin 2015 The Voice of Kids), David Pfeffer (Gewinner 2011 X Factor).

Er arbeitet mit dem Produzenten Christian Lohr zusammen, der unter anderem Joss Stone, Gregor Meyle, Gianna Naninni, Mick Jagger, Sting u.v.m. produzieren durfte.

2015 brachte Crizz sein erstes Album: "Crizz - Ich bin" auf die Welt. Er studierte Jazz-Pop Gesang und Gitarre in Krumbach und Leipzig. Mittlerweile bereist er die Welt von Oslo bis Tahiti - Nashville und Kaliningrad u.v.m.