Sept/October Events:

30.09  Listening Space                 20:00 – 21:00          ZOOM

07.10  Lighthouse Sings!              18:00 – 19:00         THE LIGHTHOUSE

10.10  Harmony Day Retreat (*exclusively for Performance Workshops Members)

                                                           10:30 – 16:30         THE LIGHTHOUSE

16.10  SoundJourney                     19:00 – 20:30         THE LIGHTHOUSE

17.10  VocalTECH Workshop        12:30 – 13:30         LIFE-SOUND STUDIO

21.10  Lighthouse Sings!               18:00 – 19:00         THE LIGHTHOUSE

23.10  HM Meditation Arts           19:00 – 20:30          LIFE-SOUND STUDIO

28.10  Lighthouse Sings!               18:00 – 19:00          THE LIGHTHOUSE

31.10  VocalTECH Workshop        12:30 – 13:30          LIFE-SOUND STUDIO

31.10  HMVS  Concert                    18:00 – 21:00 via Instagram and Facebook Live Streaming!!!

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Short descriptions:

Listening Space – for those on a path of becoming more conscious. We can practice how to integrate your understanding of existence – with living a more conscious life.

This is a facilitated ‘conversation’ where, through your sharing of individual experiences, we as a collective, can learn to follow the energy of the conversation, and allow new understanding to emerge.

Lighthouse Sings! – a holistic approach to incorporating singing into your life. Through technical learning, you can discover more freedom in voice voice and ‘whole being’ expression.  Currently the participants are: age range 35-60, already on a path of self-discovery. Max 6 people. Most Wednesdays.

Klangreise/SoundJourney – a monthly offering for dropping into a deeper relationship with your own essence as a vibrational Being. Sometimes with live performers, or a varied journey through programmed music.  Drop into a moment, travel into and beyond perceived boundaries.

VocalTECH Workshop – for beginner to intermediate singers. An international group of english speakers, 20-50 years or age. Small groups, max 6 people. A playful and informative way to learn how to sing with the opportunity to discover, or improve, performance practices.

Transformational Meditative Arts – grounded in 30 years of experience as both opera singer and spiritual work, Heidi guides us in remembering there is simplicity in our existence. Through sound, movement, stillness and partner work, we can begin to experience a reality beyond ego dominance. 

EVENT!  Heidi Muendel Voice Studio Performance Concert

Come experience the fruits of the HMVS Performance Workshop Singers via Instagram and Facebook Live Streaming!!!