My studio in Frankfurt, the Life-Sound-Studio ( got its name from the knowledge that we as artists are a ‘complete package’ … life and sound cannot be separated from each other .

Throughout my development as a singer, I’ve been told, “You’re too sensitive; leave your life out of the studio; you have to learn to separate that; you need thick skin ”etc. But I know, to be a true artist, our vulnerability and sensitivity are our greatest strengths in communication and inspiration. In order to provide great art, to be successful and consistent in performance, and / or simply to allow ourselves to sing, we need to learn how to focus spiritually, be energetically centered, and how to find balance between different aspects of our life.

Singers are athletes. Everything we do, what we eat, how much we sleep or not sleep, our physical fitness, our emotional fitness, whether we just had an argument or had an inspiring experience – all of these affect our state of mind and being in class and at Performances.

I offer a protected place where you can be completely yourself, so that you can most effectively absorb all the information you need to develop strength and self-confidence as a person, singer and artist.

It doesn’t matter if you sing for yourself or for an audience – singing changes your life.