Offered in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and Online.

* Please confirm the date when registering, as some times may vary. *

Workshops in the LIGHTHOUSE, Wiesbaden

Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm LIGHTHOUSE Sings !!     Singing training workshop

Thursdays 11am – 12pm LIGHTHOUSE Sings !!    Singing training workshop


LIGHTHOUSE Sings !! – a holistic approach to incorporate singing into your life. Through technical learning you can discover more freedom in the voice and in the expression of the “whole being”. Currently the participants are: Age group 35-60, already on the way to self-discovery. 6 people maximum. Mostly on Wednesdays.

Workshops in the Life-Sound Studio, Frankfurt

Saturday 12:30pm    VocalTECH workshop (bi-weekly)  (beginner / intermediate singers)

Saturday 1:30pm      Performance workshop (weekly)   (*group is full)


VocalTECH workshop – for beginners to advanced. An international group of English speakers aged 20 to 50 years. Small groups, max 6 people. A fun and informative way to learn how to sing, with the opportunity to discover or improve performance practices.

Workshops online:

I am available to conduct group workshops for Singing, Voice & Embodiment and Holistic Voice work.

I recently conducted workshops for:

  • a group living with Parkinsons
  • an international community of women focused on bringing health and well-being to the world
  • Trainers and healers who want to integrate the “power of the voice” into their work
  • Groups of performers who find technical and performance skills.

Online workshops can be requested worldwide. Participants can number between 4 and 20. Personalized workshop series can be requested (e.g. 4-week course).

In these workshops we focus on singing technique in a playful way, learning and embodying understanding, and crossing thresholds that prevent us from expressing ourselves in truthful ways.